ECG/EKG Holter Tracker Portable Household Health Rate Oximeter with Blood pressure Monitor PC or bluetooth APP for Fitness Sport

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Product introduction
MORE THAN EKG: Checkme Lite checks your ECG, SpO2(blood oxygen saturation), PI (perfusion index) and systolic blood pressure together in 30S with medical accuracy. It combines ECG monitor and pulse oximeter, CE/JPAL/ROHS certificated.
EASY TO USE: Simply touch the color touch screen and follow the audio commands to operate, allows you to check your health in palm at anytime, anywhere.
MORE INFO FOR DECESION: No wire and electrodes required to check ECG, or together with lead wire to support Lead III ECG to provide ST segment, QT/QTc interval for more precise decision.
ANYTIME WITHOUT PHONE: 300 measurements will be stored on the device, HD EKG waveform could be replayed for later review.
EKG ON THE GO: Business card size, rechargeable and compact design fits easily into your pocket, easy to check your health at home or on the go.
What can Checkme Lite do to help you?
Checkme Lite is a tiny vital signs monitor with HD touch screen to check your health in palm with medical accuracy at anytime, anywhere.
Track your ECG, heart rate, QRS duration, ST segment, QT/QTc interval, systolic(higher) blood pressure, SpO2(blood oxygen saturation) and perfusion index together instantly in 30S. Perfect for people with increased health risk when either at home, outdoors or travel.
What you get?
Checkme Lite home use health monitor, USB cable(Micro D), ECG cable, ECG electrodes, Lanyard, User guide, Easy-To-Reach tech support.
1*Checkme Lite = 1* ECG Monitor + 1*Pulse Oximeter+1*Systolic blood pr essure Device
Take a measurement in 30 seconds! The vital signs monitor shows your below parameters at a glance.
Track your ECG rhythm to see if premature ventricular contractions or arrhythmia is detected, which are fairly common in many people.
Measure your SpO2 and perfusion index to know if low oxygen saturation is detected. Low O2 saturation is a sign of a problem related to breathing or circulation, and may result in various symptoms, such as shortness of breath.
Record your systic blood pressure for daily BP variation tracking. Checkme Lite does not detect diastolic blood pressure, it tracks BP for fitness and rehabilitation training.
Technical parameters:
Battery type:Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
Battery run time:Daily check: > 200 times
Charge time:Less than 2 hours to 90%
Lead type:Integrated ECG electrodes
Lead set:Lead I, lead II
Record length:30s
Sampling:500 Hz / 16 bit
Display Gain:1.25 mm/mV, 2.5 mm/mV, 5 mm/mV /n 10 mm/mV, 20 mm/mV
Sweep speed:25 mm/s
Bandwidth:0.67 to 40Hz
Electrode offset potential tolerance:±300 mV
HR measurement range:30 to 250 bpm
Accuracy:±2 bpm or ±2%, whichever is greater /n Heart rate is calculated based on average of every 5 to 30 QRS complex.
Measurement summary:Heart rate, QRS duration, Rhythm analysis (Regular ECG Rhythm, High Heart Rate, Low Heart Rate, High QRS Value,. Irregular ECG Rhythm, Unable to analyze)
Measurement accuracy verification: Pulse oximeter measurement are statistically distributed and about two-thirds of the measurements are expected to come within the specified accuracy range compared to CO-oximeter measurements.
SpO2 range:70% to 100%
SpO2 Accuracy (Arms):80-100%:±2%, 70-79%:±3%
PR range:30 to 250 bpm
PR accuracy:±2 bpm or ±2%,whichever is greater
PI range:0.5-15
Measurement summary:SpO2, PR, PI, Summary (Normal Blood Oxygen, Low Blood Oxygen, Unable to analyze)
Blood Pressure Variation
Measurement method:Cuff-free non-invasive technology
Measurement summary:systolic pressure based on individual calibration coefficient
Q: Should I use it together with my Phone?

A: No, you can check your ECG, SpO2 and systolic BP together without smart phone, 300 measurements will be stored on the device for later review for one year measurement.

Q: Does it use a cuff for blood pressure?

A: Checkme Lite captures systolic blood pressure by using the pulse oximeter and EKG functions to calculate according to PWTT principle. Note that the systolic blood pressure requires an initial calibration to an independent device such as upper arm or wrist bp monitor which are not included. Recommend calibrate twice per year to get a reliable and accurate value.

Q: How do I turn off the vital signs monitor?
A: The Checkme Lite vital signs monitor turns off automatically in 1 minute after no operation.

Item Type

Blood Pressure

Commodity Quality Certification






Model Number

checkme lite



Brand Name


Working humidity


Function 1

ECG/EKG Monitor,Oximeter

Function 2

Systolic blood pressure

SPO2 Accuracy


Working voltage


Heart Rate Range

30- 250bpm

Pulse Rate Range

30- 250bpm

Waterproof level



500 Hz / 16 bit


0.67 to 40Hz

Record length


power supply

800ma Rechargeable batteries

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