Rechargeable ultrasonic face skin cleaner Spatula for Gentle Peeling Skin Clean Ion import and Face led ultrasonic skin tighten

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New ultrasonic face cleaning machine Face Care Tool LCD Digital Acne Removal Skin Cleaning Ultrasound Peeling Spa Beauty

face ultrasonic cleaning machine


1.Clean the face and pat around the whole face with suitable astringent lotion until absorption by skin so as to provide the skin with thorough disinfection and optimal protection.

2.Apply toner on the skin, press ON/OFF switch, then the apparatus can be put into normal operation.

3.Press sonic wave mode switch to select ultra-sonic output mode. Pressing

sequence is :

Clean + level 2-> level 3-> Nutri- level 1 -> level 2 -> level 3->EMS level 1 -> level 2 -> level 3-> Clean+ level 1.

4.Selection according to method 1, method 2 and method 3.

5.Make the shovel-type tip contacts skin to remove the atomized sebum out of

the pores. By moving on the cleansing part slowly, you will find the blackhead, pimples and acne being resolved and removed instantly.

The operation must be used in coordination with skin care products (remover gel or toner) and the shovel-type tip shall be free of empty burning. It shall not be exceed 10 minutes in use each time.

The probe and the apparatus must be kept cleaning and disinfected and after using.

6.The next use.

The apparatus will turn off automatically after using 10 minutes.

Charge one hour each time.

Introduction and efficacy

Through high frequency vibrations, shovel-type cleansing beauty apparatus can carry out deep-massage, which will promote the motion of fat while improving the micro circulation, stimulate the combustion, splitting and conversion of the lipocyte into metabolite and further discharge out of the body so as to achieve cleansing effects.

By adopting shovel-type probe, it can go deep into the skin by 3-7mm, thin and atomize the dedicated beauty lotion through acoustical oscillation to emulsify the filth and redundant sebum, the leftovers of the makeup in the pores and sweat scaleand eliminate along with the splashed water. As a fastest and most effective cleansing method, it can remove filth, corneum, fat granule and acne etc., make the skin with better absorption so as to achieve the effect of deeply cleansing and healthy whitening.

An operation way of 45 degree angle shall be adopted to accelerate the metabolism of epidermic cells and renew its normal upgrading rate, enhance the shedding of the aged and irregular aberrant cells, soften the keratin, reorder the epidermic cells while restoring the skin elasticity and reverting to a firm, smooth and delicate skin.


  1. Do not use this apparatus around the eyes and wounds.
  2. Children, pregnant woman or people of mental abnormity are forbidden to use.
  3. While this apparatus is used, it is a normal phenomenon in case of any squeak sound since the frequency generated is close to audio frequency. Please free to use.
  4. Please do not extend power cord or use additional plugs.
  5. Please pull out the plug when it is not used. Long time plugging-in may cause fire or accident.
  6. Please do not damage, modify, drag, twist or pull out the power cord by force and avoid the power cord tangled on the apparatus, because it may cause fire or short circuit. If the power cord is damaged or gets hot, please stop the operation immediately.
  7. Please do not use the apparatus by wet hand. Only when your hands are dry, you can use it , otherwise, it may lead to electric shock or short circuit of power supply.
  8. Please do not use diluents, benzene or other solvent to clean the apparatus, otherwise it may damage the apparatus.
  9. Please do not use this apparatus below the temperature of 0 degree or above 40 degree, or in place which is exposed to the direct sunlight.
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